Some common manipulation techniques used by steel fabricators

Shot blasting

Shot blasting is the process of blasting steel sections with shot (small steel beads) in order to remove any impurities, preparing the metal for fabrication. The main reason shot blasting is necessary is to provide a clean finish that will be easy to weld as well as a rough surface that will accept paint. It is a crucial technique in a variety of industries including construction, auto and shipbuilding and the production of various steel structures like pipelines, silos and tanks.


Fairly self-explanatory, steel cutting in the process of cutting up steel sections prior to fabrication so that they are easier to work with, or cut down to size for custom purposes. Steel sections are cut using a number of techniques including flame cutting, plasma cutting and cutting with a circular saw.


Modern applications of steel in modern architecture and construction require more intricate steel shapes and elements. Fabricators can achieve this by using a number of tools and techniques. A common example is to pass a steel section through a roll bender numerous times until the required arc is achieved. Press braking can be used for more straightforward bends involving lengths of steel up to 12 metres long.


Steel fabricators are master welders. Welding employs high heat to melt the parent material with whatever is being attached. When the weld pool solidifies the two materials then are fused together. It is a technique that is ubiquitous in steel fabrication.


Steel often requires coating for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Galvanisation, which is the process of coating the steel surface with zinc to hinder corrosion, is a common process. Custom colours and looks may also be requested by an architect which requires coating with paint. This usually happens at the end of the fabrication process.

Who Uses Steel Fabricators?

Any industry that uses metal will no doubt require the services of a steel fabricator. Common industries that require steel fabrication:

The following are just some of the many products that are commonly fabricated: