Isothermal (pty) ltd

Specializes in Induction Hardening on all types of components. We have Low Medium and High Frequency Induction hardening machines. We strive to please our customers and have built great relations with our customers over the years.

Isothermal (Pty) ltd started operations in 1979 supplying a Heat Treatment Service to the Industry. It started with flame hardening and became a leader in its field.

Over the next few years the flame hardening was slowly discarded and replaced with Induction Machines.The first Induction machine was installed in 1988 and over the years we have acquired 6 induction machines to allow us to cater for most applications.

We have Low, Medium, and High Frequency Induction Machines and therefore able to accommodate to a variety of job specs and customers needs.

We have a staff of 14 employees. Our staff are loyal and have long services to the company ranging between 20 to 30 years.